The Apple & The Hierophant

Hello friend and foe! Today I bring to you a beer and tarot card pairing that unexpectedly got very deep and meta. I apologize in advance for the wordiness. I blame the weird weather and my frantic heart as a eagerly wait for the sun to shine again. Winter has always been a hard time … Continue reading The Apple & The Hierophant

Witchy tips for self care

Hello wonderful people! Oh my gosh, it's been so long. I'm so happy that some of you have stuck around and some of you are new to the blog (welcome!). I've been out of mind busy and traveling for work a lot, but I'm back better than ever! I can't promise I will post a … Continue reading Witchy tips for self care

Wicked Little Creatures (Part 2)

Hello again! Welcome back to Beer & Tarot and to another post about horror movie theory. Earlier this week I posted an introduction to my theory on why children in horror are so terrifying. If you haven't read that post yet, please go back and check it out as it has some yummy background information … Continue reading Wicked Little Creatures (Part 2)

Wicked Little Creatures (Part 1)

Hi internet friends. Today we are going to talk about something fun, something creepy, and something I'm really excited about! Forewarning, it is a long one! This (again) is not my traditional fare, so if you aren't interested in this come back later this week for a new beer and tarot pairing. I'll also be … Continue reading Wicked Little Creatures (Part 1)

24 Lessons I’ve Learned

Hey babes! This post is not going to be like my normal product and will be more personal than usual, so if you aren't interested this is your cue to click away! This very Sunday (the 28th) I am turning 24. Wooooww. I feel so young but also grown at the same time. In my … Continue reading 24 Lessons I’ve Learned

The Devil is in the Mango

Good morning sweet bees and happy spring! I feel filled with renewed energy and excitement for what is to come because the sun is back! The tender kiss of sun beams on my shoulders and forehead bring me so much peace and stillness. I've started walking everyday again with my pup to enjoy the morning … Continue reading The Devil is in the Mango

Flowers for Breakfast

I eat flowers for breakfast Dainty pink blossoms dissolve on my lips and tongue Flavorless but filled with Divine Power Delicate petals that rip at the touch Gossamer florets that mend my body My gluttony only extends to the leaves, my finger tips I only take what I need Feed the Earth and Feed my … Continue reading Flowers for Breakfast

Mountain Mama

West Virginia is a beautiful home. She is filled with so many wonderful, kind souls. When I am not in West Virginia, I feel her presence. Like an energy always just behind me, smiling. I fall asleep dreaming of her mountains and remembering the sound of the wind rushing through the trees, dancing around me. … Continue reading Mountain Mama